New kid in the block – Homomorphic encryption.

Healthcare data has an important challenge from a cryptography standpoint. It has to be both private and useful. An initial review of these requirements may appear as  two completely contradictory elements. Encrypted data using traditional encryption techniques remove the usability factor. In a traditional encryption scheme, unless the end user with the encrypted data has a… Continue reading New kid in the block – Homomorphic encryption.

Writing better code – Parallelize

Today, I am going to share a secret recipe for writing beautiful and efficient code that I learned, while creating simulation models for nanoveda. Nanoveda is using advanced nanoscale simulations to design next generation cancer therapeutics. The secret recipe is: parallelizing code. Most modern PCs have a multicore processor inside it. We seldom code to exploit all… Continue reading Writing better code – Parallelize

Innovation at its core – Making nanoscience accessible.

In this blog post, I will detail two key philosophies that are behind nanoveda. LEAP philosophy: Most important guiding philosophy of nanoveda is very simple: bringing nano-science to masses. The first product we are developing is to address one of the toughest challenges known to human-kind: controlling and curing cancer. Achieving this goal is a step-wise process. My four steps… Continue reading Innovation at its core – Making nanoscience accessible.

Advancing cancer cure – Nanøveda.

About Nanøveda I am a co-founder of cancer therapeutics startup: nanøveda. The name nanøveda is a neologism by combining three seed words: nano, eir (the goddess and valkyrie of healing in Norse mythology) and veda (sanskrit for knowledge). We are an early stage start-up developing advanced cancer treatments. The technology we are developing combines our expertise… Continue reading Advancing cancer cure – Nanøveda.