Blinken’s blunder?

I wish the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States (US) hadn’t covertly armed the Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Ukrainian right-wing nationalist groups.

Before moving forward, I want to clarify the following. This is not a propaganda piece and please don’t accuse me of promoting propaganda.

No one paid me for writing this article.

I am a pacifist and I oppose any war, period. But, I am also a realist and I understand the reality of living in a world that reaps benefits from war.

I am a private Indian citizen and I do not represent the Indian government. I have no economic or political ties with Russia or Ukraine. But, I have Russian as well as Ukrainian friends. I did not talk to any of them regarding this article.

I lived in the United States for nearly 10 years. I currently live in India. I am writing this as a concerned human being regarding the war in Ukraine.

Having gotten those important clarifications about my background and my motivations, here is why the war in Ukraine is entirely US and NATO’s fault.

The choice of arming these Ukrainian civilians, a lot of them with criminal backgrounds that would make them ineligible to join the traditional military, might seem justified in the eyes of the NATO and the US as a potent mechanism to counter the Russian military’s might, through asymmetric urban warfare.

But, what the Ukrainian government chose to do with this militia could not be justified in any view point.

In an attempt to rally the global opinion against Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian government, with silent support from the NATO and the US, devised a devious plan to unleash the various white supremacist Ukrainian militant groups, against a fraction of the Ukrainian population that believed in a cordial relationship with Russia as a necessity for a stable and prosperous Ukraine.

The US government cannot play the ignorance card on this issue either. A few years ago, the US military college: West Point produced a lengthy research article on the threat of white-supremacist and Neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine.

The US government and particularly the Pentagon is well aware of the role of these armed militant groups in Ukrainian society. The assertions on the contrary, especially the ones that underestimate these threats in Ukraine, are merely war propaganda.

Using the strategy of plausible deniability, under the watchful eye of Ukrainian military, the white supremacist, Neo-Nazi militant groups constantly rained violence upon their own citizens, through constant gun fights, artillery shelling and political assassinations.

These actions mirrored the actions of the past Ukrainian governments and clearly does not indicate those of a democratically elected government acting for the benefit of their own citizens.

The claim by the current Ukrainian government that their country is a civilized, developed, democratic and peace loving nation, is a fiction, that is fabricated just for the sake of a great social media post or an eye-catching news headline.

For anyone willing to spend a few moments of their otherwise busy lives to research Ukraine, can easily discover that these are just lies promoted by the current Ukrainian government.

Conveniently, these misrepresentations about the Ukrainian civil society fits with the broader propaganda waged by the NATO and the US against Vladimir Putin.

I want to highlight at this point that, I have been a critic of Putin for a very long time. I have found it particularly disturbing that Putin decided to stay on as the leader of Russia by rewriting its constitution.

Also, I have found the corrupt, oligarchical system under Putin particularly distasteful.

But, the current events in Ukraine are not Putin’s fault.

I am saying this, not because I am a fan of Vladimir Putin, but, because, I am deeply disturbed by the US, using diplomacy as a tool for warmongering.

A few days before the start of the war in Ukraine, US official Anthony Blinken met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov to deescalate the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. During this meeting the US chose to narrate a fictional story, by exclusively blaming the Russians for the explosive Ukrainian situation.

It was essentially a letter of invitation to wage a war, packaged as diplomatic negotiations.

That day the US essentially declared war on Russia.

Instead of acknowledging the Ukrainian missteps or the rising threat of white supremacy and Neo-Nazism engulfing the Baltic regions, at-least as a token gesture to establish Russian side’s trust and faith in the diplomatic talks, Blinken accused Putin and Lavrov of orchestrating a conflict.

Diplomacy is traditionally seen as a tool to avoid war. The actions of Blinken shows that the US used diplomacy to sow the seeds of war instead of seeking deescalation.

I cannot judge whether this was a deliberate declaration of war or a blunder. I want to be less cynical and therefore put less weight to the latter idea that this was a huge blunder by Anthony Blinken.

Instead of leveraging the incredible opportunity of working with Russia to address the lingering issue of Russian separatists’ regions in Ukraine and the emerging threat of white supremacists, Neo-Nazi movements taking a deep root in Ukrainian civil society, the US diplomat decided to send an open threat to Russia, openly declaring that there is no option forward to solve these issues other than war.

It cannot be a blunder, but, a carefully orchestrated strategic decision by the US government to force Russia into an armed conflict with Ukraine.

The Russians responded with just that. An all out conflict with Ukraine to protect the Russian interests.

Essentially, the US government asked Russia to go to war and the Russians did exactly that.

This is an abuse of diplomacy and a clear failure of the diplomatic process.

Therefore, there is no one else to blame for this conflict other than the US and the NATO.

By addressing the key security concerns about the Ukrainian white supremacist and Neo-Nazi movements, the US could have attempted to solve an important domestic security concern, flagged even by the Pentagon.

But, the current US administration, ignored its own military’s concerns and dragged the Russians into a war by sending them the message that the current US administration is interested only in protecting their own administration’s propaganda about Ukraine and not interested in any meaningful resolution of the real issues plaguing Ukraine.

Once again, that is not diplomacy. That is a war machine flexing its muscles, repackaging the threats of a war as diplomatic efforts.

Just to provide a quick context, the US government is advised by a group of foreign policy and defense experts that remain unchanged even when the administration changes happen. These bureaucrats are often referred to as “the blob”.

Individuals with careful understanding of the US democratic process, including several of the US politicians and academicians have often criticized “the blob” for using war as a mechanism to protect their own high paying jobs in the government.

The reasoning behind this accusation is that; without a war, there is no justification for the costly tax payer funded fertilizing of “the blob”.

The defenders of “the blob” often use the argument that wars are costly endeavors and therefore it will be only used reasonably. Therefore, these defenders claim that the accusations against “the blob” of treating war merely a tool for preventing pink slips is largely unfounded.

What many of these defenders forget is that the US has been dragged into multiple conflicts in the past without any consideration of the economic costs for the general tax payer.

The simple reason for that is, unlike for the general public and particularly for the soldiers in the front lines, the cost of waging a war for “the blob” is as trivial as snapping a finger or pushing a pencil.

Not only are the costs of waging a war trivial for “the blob”, there awaits lucrative defense jobs, book deals and other future chest of treasures, once they decide to use the revolving door and exit “the blob”.

It looks like Blinken and his fellow members of “the blob” have succeeded in convincing not just the Russians and the Ukrainians, but the entire global psyche that a war is a necessity.

Instead of using their powers as representatives of the US government, to bring a peaceful resolution to the ground realities in Ukraine, Anthony Blinken and his fellow “blob” colleagues have chosen to lead the world down the path of death and destruction.

There is no doubt that this war in Ukraine and any spillover conflicts that follow this, will be extremely lucrative for the US military contractors, the US oil industry and most importantly “the blob”.

It will figuratively help jump-start the pandemic stricken US economy.

Instead of embarking on long-term fixes for economic recovery, a global conflict such as the one in Ukraine, is going to be an easy fix for their economy.

But, for the rest of the world, especially for Russia, Ukraine and everyone outside of the abusive, unholy US-Western Europe war machine alliance; death, despair and poverty awaits.

As a nation, India has taken a commendable stance to denounce the war in Ukraine and emphasize real, empathetic diplomatic efforts that account for both Russian and Ukrainian concerns, to solve the current crisis in Ukraine.

This pragmatic approach is irking the US war machine. Soon, “the blob” will retaliate against India for its realist stance to protect the world.

It is only a matter of time that the US will direct its wrath through its tools of economic and geopolitical warfare.

But, as a nation we will survive this assault, albeit with some scars.

As a country, we survived the looting and pillaging by the British, during their abusive imperialistic reign. Our country suffered an economic theft of nearly $50 trillion in today’s money, by the British. But, in the end, as a nation we prevailed, despite all the odds stacked against us.

The US war machine will soon lash out against India for our pragmatic and peaceful view to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. But, just like how we survived the British imperial hegemony, as a country, we will prevail against “the blob” and the US war machine.

By Rahul Remanan

Doctor, Scientist, Entrepreneur

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