Innovation at its core – Making nanoscience accessible.

In this blog post, I will detail two key philosophies that are behind nanoveda.

LEAP philosophy:

Most important guiding philosophy of nanoveda is very simple: bringing nano-science to masses. The first product we are developing is to address one of the toughest challenges known to human-kind: controlling and curing cancer.

Achieving this goal is a step-wise process. My four steps to achieve this goal are:

  1. Learn.
  2. Experiment.
  3. Analyse and adapt.
  4. Predict.

These four steps or the LEAP philosophy is pivotal to bringing success to any processes and summarizes my pathway to accelerate innovation at nanoveda.

Radical openness:

Another key philosophy at nanoveda is: radical openness. To control processes at the level  of nano-scale, nanoveda needs cutting edge tools. As a startup, the cost of researching and developing these tools are beyond our current capabilities. Also, the new learning and knowledge that we gain during nanoveda’s step-wise progress, needs to be implemented quickly in our tools. To achieve all this, we are embracing the philosophy of radical openness. An example of radical openness at work, is our love of open-source software. Open systems power our toolkit for predictive analytics of nano-scale systems. Another revolutionary toolkit is helping nanoveda build simulation models of nano-scale drugs.

Radical openness is an important driving force of nanoveda’s quest to succeed in building a next generation nano-sciences company.

Nanoveda has a crowdfunding campaign to support the awesome work to create next generation cancer therapy. Donation, or not, share our crowdfunding campaign and help spread the word.



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