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Advancing cancer cure – Nanøveda.

About Nanøveda
I am a co-founder of cancer therapeutics startup: nanøveda. The name nanøveda is a neologism by combining three seed words: nano, eir (the goddess and valkyrie of healing in Norse mythology) and veda (sanskrit for knowledge). We are an early stage start-up developing advanced cancer treatments.

The technology we are developing combines our expertise in nanotechnology, personalized medicine and cancer pathways.

One of the disease models we are targeting using nanøveda’s technology, is to treat an incurable form of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

How You Can Help
The next step in making nanøveda’s technology a reality is to fund our efforts to secure necessary intellectual property. This development process is very time consuming and expensive.

Nanøveda has launched its first gofundme campaign. This crowdfunding campaign will cover the legal expenses related to filing patents for technology that nanøveda has developed.

Nanøveda’s Mission | Why It’s So Important
Nanøveda’s mission of advancing next generation cancer therapeutics has a great personal meaning to me.

I want you to be part of nanøveda’s journey to advance precision cancer therapy. Donation or not, please share our crowdfunding campaign and support our cause.

Donate here: gofundme page for nanøveda

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Welcome to my blog – Life notes.

For 2017, my new year resolution is to organize and share my thoughts on my website. I have added this blog, to share my ideas and my life being a doctor, neuroscientist, researcher in applied artificial intelligence and my hobbies in PC gaming & green living.

Join me in this journey.